Each Quarter Hancock Elementary students are recognized by the administration and faculty for a special character trait shown throughout the quarter.  Here at Hancock, promoting and recognizing good character in children and youth is one important goal of our school.  Character based behaviors are essential to learning.  By focusing on areas like caring, respect and responsibility, together we can reinforce and support academic achievement!


Front row:  Gavin Koehl, Andrea Hurtado Morales, Regina Velazquez Mares, Silas Hanson, Margaret Bretz, and Gracy Erlandson

Back row:  Titus Bjerketvedt, Mariah Hoberg, Adyson Joos, Nevaeh Birr, and Megan Emmert



Front row:  Abby Nuest, Luca Felix, Levi Staples, Oliver Rinkenberger, and Seth Wilson

Back row:  Brayden Kisgen, Andrew Pieske, Eli Feuchtenberger, and Karlee Koehl



Front row:  Haylee Flaten, Kelsy Hacker, Brock Erlandson, and Henry Nohl

Back row:  Brodie Wilson, Blake Lenz, Karina Koehl, Tabitha Bjerketvedt, and Rylan Meierding


Stephanie Strahm, Gabe Amundson, and James Koehl



Front row:  Isaac Messner, Vivian Messner, Kate Schaefer, Evelyn Ritter, and Sophie Nohl

Back row:  Natasha Schlief, Brady Cronen, and Nathan Kolden

Not pictured: Korah Schroeder and Raelyn Thompson


Front row:  MaKenzie Brandt, Cooper VerSteeg, Emmett Charles, Jacob Messner, and Kyra Koehl

Back row:  Carter Hanson, Karleigh Rohloff, Gracie Nohl, Josie Brandt, Evan Scott, Brady Luthi, and Issac Nelson

Not pictured: Austin Goldenstein



Front row:  Mishayla Mattson, Aaliyah Nelson, Easton Nohl, and Bryson Joos

Back row:  Seth Feuchtenberger, Taylor Anderson, Ambrose Rinkenberger, Kaylee Wink, Kaitlyn Staples, and Dulce Rodriguez

Not pictured: Eden Nohl



Kaytlynn Kenyon, Kallista Banister, Tabitha Bjerketvedt, Mandy Metzger, Mattia Nelson, and Kendra Koehl

Not pictured: Brennan Koehl