Hancock BPA brought back “Penny Wars” to fly Jamis Burnett and family to Philadelphia for his upcoming surgery.  January 13th-17th, Hancock School students and staff brought in pennies, coins and cash to “battle it out” in support of this well deserving family.  Jamis Burnett is a kindergartner at Hancock School and has Arthrogryposis and will have ongoing appointments and surgeries in Philadelphia.  Jamis is the son to Matthew and Cari Burnett.  Mrs. Burnett is our Art teacher here at Hancock School.  Community Development Bank sponsored the prize parties for the winning grades and counted and separated money all week and cannot be thanked enough! 

Winners in Elementary…

3rd Place – 3rd Grade

2nd Place – 5th Grade

1st Place – Kindergarten


Winners in High School

3rd Place – 12th Grade

2nd Place – 9th Grade

1st Place – 10th Grade

With a grand total of over $3427.00!!!! 

There are no losers here though!  Everyone came together to give to this well deserving family and there isn’t a price tag or place for that!  Way to go Hancock!!