To ensure the safety of our students, staff and families and to start the school year with in person learning, Hancock Public School has decided to cancel our in person Elementary Open House.  Below you will find either a virtual presentation or a power point presentation for each grade level/teacher.  If your homeroom teacher did not put their open house packet information request from parents in their presentation, this will be sent home with your child on the first day of school and would need to be returned to their teacher the first couple days of school.

We are looking forward to meeting your student on Tuesday, September 8th!

Preschool – Mrs. Nohl

Kindergarten – Mrs. Christianson

Kindergarten – Mrs..Kampmeier

1st Grade – Mrs. Schroeder/Mrs. Biesterfeld

2nd – Mrs. Voorhees

2nd – Mrs. Wink

3rd – Mrs. Brown

3rd – Mrs. Erickson

4th – Mr. Thielke

4th – Mr. Lorentz

5th – Mrs. Nelson

5th – Mrs. Biegner

6th – Mrs. Flaten/Mrs. Fehr