Governor Tim Walz has proclaimed January 23rd– January 29th Paraprofessional Recognition Week.  There are over 20,000 paraprofessionals in Minnesota working hard every day to make sure our kids have the education they need to succeed in school and in life.  They work tirelessly every day, tackle an incredible variety of duties and build relationships with students that those students will never forget.

This week we encourage you to reach out to a paraprofessional with a heartfelt “THANK YOU” for all that they do!

A few of “Our Favorite Things” about our paraprofessionals:

Miss Elena:  “Her confidence.  Her ability to jump into any situation and do a great job.  Her determination and her drive!”  Thank you Miss Elena!

Mrs. Metzger:  “She is the go to lady that keeps the wheels turning for the school, she knows the rules, how to handle behaviors, academics and any situation thrown at her during the day”!  Thank you Mrs. Metzger!

Miss Carrie:  “She is always willing to help any student that needs help in or out of school! She cares about the students she serves and makes sure they have the necessary tools to get through the day”.  Thank you Miss Carrie!

Mrs. Ascheman:  “She is detail oriented and isn’t afraid to ask questions on what she can do to help our school”.  Thank you Mrs. Ascheman!

Mrs Shaw:  “She is so reliable and a hard worker all the time! She comes into kindergarten with a smile on her face each day. She helps keep me on track and focused most days! I couldn’t do my job without her!  Thank you Mrs. Shaw!

Miss Kelly:  “She is creative, encouraging, and can always be counted on to lend a hand!”  Thank you Miss Kelly!

Miss Janelle“She has the patience of a saint! She is always willing to go the extra mile and make sure the students’ needs are met! She is a great team player!”  Thank you Miss Janelle!

Mrs. Chamberlain:  “She is patient and calm and helpful and caring!”  Thank you Mrs. Chamberlain!

Mrs. Hill:  “She is such a kind and caring person. She truly loves working with the kindergartners and always has their best interest in mind. We appreciate everything she does for our school in and out of the classroom!”  Thank you Mrs. Hill!

Miss Kelsey:  “If your creative juices aren’t flowing, see Kelsey! She is your gal! She is the most caring, patient, and kind person you will find! She keeps calm in every situation!“  Thank you Miss Kelsey!

Mrs. Foss:  “Her smile, her kind heart, her giggle.  Her willingness to do anything that is asked of her.  Her love for her family and for the kids!”  Thank you Mrs. Foss!

Miss Amanda:  “She has a great sense of humor and specializes in making learning fun!”  Thank you Miss Amanda!

Mrs. Nelson:  “She is very creative, organized, and hard-working.  She is so very thoughtful in her displays in the media center and throughout our school!  Thank you Mrs. Nelson!

Mrs. Sproul:  Mrs. Sproul takes initiative to get things done. Her positive attitude is contagious! She is often found in the stands at sporting events, plays and other student activities cheering on her students. Thank you Mrs. Sproul!

Miss Jayliz:  “She genuinely cares for everyone she works with and her kind heart is demonstrated by her checking in with students and staff every day to see how they are!”  Thank you Miss Jayliz!

Mrs. Bulman:  “Mrs. Bulman is always willing to help students. She works hard to make sure that all students have the tools they need to be successful while also pushing students to achieve their best. Thank you Mrs. Bulman!