Kindergarten Learning Readiness Night with Parents: In March kindergarteners for the next school year and their parents attend an evening of learning fun. During this time students are able to practice skills they will use in the upcoming school year such as cutting, coloring, painting, playdough, reading and much more. This is also a great time for parents and students to meet the kindergarten teacher and see the classrooms. Materials are given to each student to practice these skills at home before the school year starts.


Kindergarten Round-Up: The day after Learning Readiness Night the kindergartners for the next school year are invited to attend a half-day program where they can experience what kindergarten will be like the next year. Students participate in morning meeting, reading, crafts, snack, movement activities and play time. This is a fun day for the students! They can even have lunch at the end of the morning session with the teacher. Students can ride the bus to school that day but transportation is not provided home. 


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