Open Enrollment Process

Hancock School has closed open enrollment for grades K-12 for the 2019-20 school year.

In 2008-09, Hancock Public School’s total K-12 enrollment was 262 students.  In 2017, Hancock Public School currently has 342 students in grades K-12. Approximately 100 of these students open enroll into our district.  We believe that this says a lot about the quality of education that we provide to our students.  Due to the growth that we have experienced, HES/HHS has currently set an open enrollment deadline for all grade levels of July 31st at 3 PM.  Hancock Public School monitors class sizes throughout the school year to make informed decisions regarding Open Enrollment.  Our goal is to keep our class sizes at an optimal number for learning (taking into consideration the needs of the students).  In the event that administration feels this number has been met, it is possible that open enrollment could close early for a specific grade level(s).

At Hancock Elementary School, our outstanding teachers and support staff, small class sizes, excellent resources, and strong parent support ensure that all student’s academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs are met.  In addition to core academic instruction, all students have music, PE, art, computer, and band (starting in 5th grade).

At the high school level, staff maintains rigorous academic and behavioral expectations.  Our students have the opportunity to take both hands-on and college level courses.  We offer a wide variety of College in the Schools classes, along with agriculture, industrial technology, art, business, and technology classes.  In addition to the academic opportunities available to students, we also strongly encourage participation in multiple athletic and extracurricular activities.

Below is the process for open enrolling into the Hancock Public School District. 

          1.  Contact the school at (320) 392-5621 to arrange a tour of our building.

          2.  Determine if HES/HHS is the right fit for your child and family.

          3.  Complete the following paperwork:

                        A.  Student Registration Form

                        B.  Statewide Open Enrollment Options Form

                        C.  Home Language Questionnaire

                        D.  Application for Educational Benefits

          4.  Return all paperwork to HES/HHS prior to the August 1st open enrollment deadline.


Resources for parents:

2019-20 Elementary Handbook

2019-20 High School Handbook