• Follow Directions of the driver the first time
  • Face forward and remain seated while the bus is moving
  • All carry on items must be controlled by and kept on students lap
  • Keep aisle clear and all parts of your body in the bus
  • Stay clear of the “Danger Zones” outside of the bus
  • Cross the street 10 feet in front of the bus
  • Respect Authority
  • Respect the Rights of Others
  • Respect Property


Students who have the opportunity to ride district school buses may do so as long as they display behavior that is reasonable and safe. Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right. Choosing to display unacceptable behavior will result in loss of bus service. The bus driver is responsible for the safety and discipline of students on the bus. Students are to obey the bus driver. The bus driver has the right to assign seats at his discretion. The building principal is available to give assistance to the driver and will determine consequences of misbehavior and the reinstatement of bus service for the offending students should a suspension become necessary. A suspension applies to all buses unless otherwise designated by school officials. The responsibility for student supervision by the district shall begin when the student boards the bus in the morning and is retained until the child leaves the bus at the end of the day, or until released to the parent/guardian in a manner consistent with guidelines on release of students.