The plan that goes into effect for rural bus students unable to get home on their bus routes during a winter storm has been outlined again by the Hancock School administration. The three most common winter storm situations and the procedures to be followed in each case are as follows:

1. SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED, NO CLASSES WILL BE HELD, AND NO BUSES/VANS WILL GO ON ROUTES THAT DAY.  An instant alert will go out and announcements will be made over the below radio/tv stations as early as possible that school will be closed and buses will not run. Students are not to report to school that day.

Radio Stations:  KMRS (1230 AM)/KKOK (96.7 FM)

KSCR (93.5 FM)

KWLM/(Q102/101.1 FM)

KDJS (97.3 FM, 1590 AM)

KIK/COOL (100.7 FM)

TV Stations:  KSAX, KMSP, KARE 11

2. SCHOOL’S OPENING TIME WILL BE DELAYED BY ONE OR TWO HOURS. An instant alert will go out and announcements will be made on the above mentioned stations as early as possible. Buses/vans will go out on their routes before school begins, running either one or two hours later than the usual time. Students and parents must listen to their radios for announcements as students are to report to school at the time announced for a regular day of classes. Dismissal will be at the regular time.

3. STORMS THAT OCCUR AFTER STUDENTS ARE IN SCHOOL may result in the implementation of the snow home procedures if the conditions are too bad to have the children sent home on the buses. City children will be sent home before conditions become too difficult. Children who ride buses/vans will be sent home early if conditions permit. An instant alert and announcements will be made over the radio stations listed above BEFORE the buses/vans are sent out. If weather conditions are too severe, an instant alert will be sent and the radio station will announce that rural children will remain in Hancock at their snow homes.

Parents’ decisions regarding weather conditions will be honored by the school administration. If a parent decides that their children should not go to school because of bad weather, a note or phone call to the school principal will excuse the students from school for that day. It will be counted as an excused absence.