This year in the “Challenge of the Classes Locker Decorating Contest” each class in grades 7-12 picked a theme and decorated their lockers to get Hancock School looking festive for the holidays!  Grades K-6 and our staff voted to see what class came out on top.  And the winner is…..

Twas the week before Christmas and it seems beyond reason, but

EVERY locker is decorated in themes of the season

For a week the high school teachers must have been bonkers

Cuz all the kids did was decorate their lockers

The 7th graders lockers are adorable with a picture of each teacher’s face

Unfortunately for the 7th graders, they did not place

The 8th graders showed holiday spirit with their snowflakes and blue

But sorry 8th graders, a placing is not for you.

Sophomores you had many a vote with your elves with all those cute parts

Although you placed 4th, you won many hearts

Seniors, the classiest, professional and grace

With your elegant display, you won third place

Those who love Elf and a display of gumdrops and candycanes, trees and star teachers that sway

You won 2nd place and a sundae buffet

So who’s the big winner? It was unanimous  we agree

The individual bricks, the real looking fire, the stockings hung with care,

To award the FRESHMAN anything but first place would just be unfair


Now back to your education. I’m sure you have work to do

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year to everyone of you!

Congratulations Freshman!!!