February 23rd 2022 has been declared by the State of Minnesota School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!  Our bus drivers play a critical role in our students’ education. Especially on winter days like today, our bus drivers work diligently to keep our students safe as they travel to and from school and activities.  From getting up at the crack of dawn, doing pre-trips in -15-degree weather, dealing with icy, snowy conditions, finding phones and gloves, watching for parents who may not be home and simply getting our students to school and home safely.  They do so much more than drive a bus!  Students, please take the time this week to thank your bus driver!

Pictured: Joe Black, Val Henrickson, Jack VanEps, Vern Christie, Dori Gades, Mike Kratz, Scott Ver Steeg, Sabrina Teague.  Not pictured:  Bruce Malo