Twas the week before Christmas and it seems beyond reason, but

EVERY locker is decorated in themes of the season

For a week the high school teachers must have been bonkers

Cuz all the kids did was decorate their lockers


Before announcing the winner of the locker decoration

Let’s talk about some rules before you leave for vacation

It’s not up to Rick, Jack, Luke, Katie, and Stan

To clean up after you with a dustpan


So, Take off all the decorations,

the paper, and tape stuck to the doors

Every surface you touched from ceiling to floor

Every spec of glitter, cotton and every  light

Clean it all, every bit, so it’s all out of sight


Each class will get two bags,

So be like the Grinch

Take every decoration down,

And throw them in the ditch (just kidding, put them by the elevators)


So on to the main event

We want to know who won

Remember, candy for third, ice cream for second and pizza, for number one


The 7th graders Polar Express was delightful,

The train so real, the tickets so authentic, there was a look of pure joy on each 7th graders face.

for the class of 24, 7th graders, they received 6th place



The 8th graders, Christmas around the world was original we must say

You took us to Mexico, Australia, China, Greenland, Egypt and the good ole USA

So 8th graders, even though you didn’t win the judges vote

You showed us that Christmas around the world unites us as human beings and that’s what counts the most



To our senior class,

Your maturity shows in your decorations

A lifelong bond was gained

From the time you spent together and we wish you luck in Your future aspirations

Seniors, you placed first in our heart

And 4th for your theme

So sorry, but that means no candy, pizza, or ice cream



9th grade candyland you worked so hard,

it seemed every hour every day

You spent more time in the hallway than any other class, I heard say

We loved the candy canes, the lights, and gum drops so witty

Your entryway to candyland and strings of lights so pretty

Your tray of cookies for the little voters was handy

For your hard work on Candyland, ironically you win 3rd place, candy.



Juniors, well done with the reason for the season

Three wise men, a baby, mother and father walking so far

camels with reins and a huge gold star

Your theme truly made our day

For that, your class earns a sundae buffet



So who’s the big winner? Who is It, Who?

Whoville, the home of Cindy Lou?

The Grinch couldn’t ruin Christmas

No matter how hard he tried,

actually helping this class, earn first prize

They’re unique and innovative we agree.

The class of 21 won last year too you see

Two years in a row, That’s quite a featza…for their accomplishment, they win pizza!


Now back to your education. I’m sure you have work to do

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year to everyone of you!